It Takes Two features improvised partnering choreography derived from par de deux and contact improvisation techniques. Performed by Naomi Hibberd and Benjamin Marett.

It is both terrifying and exciting to be lifted off the ground and not know how you will come down. To be responsible for a body in flight that could change direction at any moment.


It Takes Two is a dance of two people building a relationship of trust and care for each other.


As an audience you are witness to their willingness and bravery to start a story together without knowing the end. 







Fri 8th, 9th, & 10th,

Fri 15th & 17th May @ 12-2pm (4 performances daily)

Parramatta Town Hall (outside)
182 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
$FREE | 10 mins | (G) All Ages

Fri 22 May @ 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

Sat 23 May @ 10am, 11am, 4pm, 5pm

Sun 24 May @ 9am, 10am , 11am 

Collective Markets
Stanley Street Plaza, South Bank
$FREE | 10 Mins | (G) All Ages

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Photos by Marius Luppino, Shane Rozario and David Vagg